Current Projects

Together with our partners we are looking to develop access to those internationally who currently have limited ability to safely and effectivcely report crime and therefore have limited opportunity to participate in crime prevention in their own communties, or receive the support and protection that they deserve. 

Only with you


Only with your support, donations, sponsorship and help can we ever hope to achieve our goal of ending slavery human trafficking and exploitation.  So please do consider joining a global partnership for change

We and our partners are working to begin a series of creative methods to mobilise communities in the UK, to tackle child slavery and its effects on vulnerable children and communities.  In partnership with proffesionals and communities, we will provide training/education and awareness raising opportunities, to help communities recognise the signs of child slavery.  This will enable communities to become more resistant to exploitation and enable them to work with the police and others, to participate in the protection of vulnerable young people, tackle the crime effecting their communities and assist in bringing criminals to justice (specifically those involved in county lines criminal activity).

We are raising the funds to build specialist centres, where women and children can begin to re-build their lives in safety.  They can receive specialist treatment, the support necessary to seek and secure justice and learn the skills necessary to build a brighter and positive future.

As well as our countinuing work to support and offer practical assistance to victims, their families and communities, we are also currently developing 3 major projects .